The result of choosing the optimal solution and the ability to integrate it in each new project



In 1997, starting from a simple product presentation stand, our company had a humble beginning, as a family business. The fitting out of a commercial space in their own house shaped the activity into a small business called ORDEA Instalații.

With minimal resources, in a small space, we marketed components of installations counting on customer satisfaction. Along the way, the dedication of the Oroian family and the reinvestment of profit have led to the consolidation of the business.

After gaining recognition on the local county and Transylvanian market, the activity was expanded to two locations in Târgu-Mureș and the company gathered new employees, increasingly valuable considering their experience and specialization.

In 2007, our company inaugurated the new headquarters in 122A Libertății street. The new location is modern, specially created for the company profile, including a showroom, a shop, warehouses, a service workshop, a manufacturing workshop, offices and parking.

... ”However, dedication has its own limits” - in 2010, the management was slowly taken over, in parallel, by the young successor of the family, who has developed new ideas based on a modern long-term vision. Thus, the company adopted increasingly more innovative ideas in the field of installations and renewable energies.

At present, the ORDEA company is recognized in the field of installations as a benchmark in the county and regional markets.

The achievements of the ORDEA company are due to a team of experts made of engineers and technicians dedicated to installations. We can thus provide consulting, design, supply, installation, service in most cases. The ORDEA team presently counts more than 30 employees, who are at your disposal.

From simple household beneficiaries to complex, reference works, ORDEA Instalații relies on trust, dedication and professionalism, following the motto ”Well-chosen installations”.

You are welcome to come to us!

Confidently, the ORDEA team.